Lancemore Milawa to unveil multi-million-dollar transformation in September 2022

Unveiling a multi-million-dollar refurbishment in September 2022, the Lancemore project is helmed by award-winning interior designer Hana Hakim of The Stella Collective, creating an innovative free-flowing design which embraces the region’s distinctive four seasons for which it is renowned: from bright blue skies in the summer to snow-capped mountains in the winter, from the kaleidoscope of colour in the autumn to the spectacular blooming wildflowers in spring.

Drawing inspiration from the local environment, the 40-room boutique hotel is a carefully curated space which will connect to nature and its surrounds, subtly integrating the magic of the area within the design. Indoor and outdoor spaces flow freely regardless of temperature, allowing one to truly interact with the biosphere: the warmth of the sun during the summer and the comfort of fire when it cools.

The design provokes a sense of calm, with its clean lines, mixed with Moorish themes, taking elements from all over the High Country with an international edge. Seamlessly marrying the indoor and outdoor spaces with floor to ceiling views that draw guests out, Lancemore Milawa will offer a grown-up playground with endless freedom and fun, with each touchpoint crafted to evoke the senses and heighten one’s stay.

Poolside hammocks and sunbeds lend Palm Springs vibes, whilst its position among some of Australia’s most famed wineries evokes a sense of Northern Italy, where summer days blend into balmy evenings, the perfect location to experience the magic of alfresco dining, a rarity in Victoria. In winter, under the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, roaring fires both inside and out, offer comfort and cosiness long into the night.

Lancemore Milawa Luxury Boutique Accommodation - King Valley region
Lancemore Milawa Luxury Boutique Accommodation - King Valley region


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